Salman Munawar

~web design & development~

Welcome to my portfolio site, as you can see it is not finished yet but take a look around to get the taste of what's to come, I will update this page while the site is in development so don't forget to sign up to get notifications of any updates and launch!

~previous works~

iPad signal
00:00 AM
110% battery
AGBU Camp Nubar
SUNY Optometry
Queens College Office of International Student
QC Elections
City College Wellness & Counseling Center
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* You can view source to see a demo of HTML 5, CSS3, Javascript/jQuery and LESS.

I won't spam. Promise ;)

~current status~

0% Just got started


While this welcome page is based on fluid layout the actual site will be fully responsive and mobile ready, built with Twitter bootstrap and Wordpress. Below is a sneak preview of the page template and identity design. I am currently working on category page template. As you can see from the progress bar I am about 0% done.

HTML Template

WordPress Template

logo ~ fonts ~ colors


Font family: Dosis - San-serif

  • primary
  • secondary
  • tertiary
  • quadary
  • octonary
  • dark
  • lite

~mad skillz~

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Salman Munawar \ Web Designer and Developer
Salman Munawar \ Web Designer & Developer
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0% Skill
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~things i say~

Don't whine.
Don't complain.
Don't make excuses.

Do it and brag about it!

— Salman